Ways to cut down

Good news! Unless you want to, you don’t have to stop drinking altogether. Simply cutting down a bit significantly lowers your risk levels.

And it’s easy to cut down using these tried and tested tips and tricks.

1. Have a couple of non drinking days every week. Start with one or two, and make sure they’re in a diary. That way, you know when you’re not drinking. 

2. On the days you are drinking make a plan. It’s much easier to cut back on drinking if you have a plan. Remember, drinking habits are old, and habitual. A plan will help you slowly change them. 

3. Go low! Order lower volume drinks - bottles of beer rather than pints - small glasses of wine  (125ml) rather than a large one (250ml).

4. Go for lower strength drinks if you can. Look at the label, and when possible, go for lower strengths (ABV’s)

The benefits of cutting down :

• You’ll feel better in the mornings. Imagine waking up with a spring in your step rather than feeling like a truck ran you over in the middle of the night. 

• You’ll be more perky during the day - because of better sleep at night. 

• People will start asking ‘Where did you get that moisturiser’. Yep, your skin will start looking better. And you’ll even start feeling fitter too. 

• Clothes will start to fit again. Less empty booze calories is good news for your waistline

• More money! Drinking less means saving money. So spend it on something else. Why not set a savings target? Save money you would have spent drinking and buy something you’ve always wanted. 

Reward yourself

It’s not easy changing habits - so be kind to yourself on the journey. Make a note of how much money you’ve saved - and treat yourself to something concrete you want - you’ve earned it.

Or if you’ve lost weight cutting back, don’t forget to pat yourself on your new, slender back. 

Ahn illustration alternative  to alcohol

Extra tips for days when you're drinking

• Before you go out for the night, decide how much you’re going to drink. Set a limit based on the safe guidelines. 

• Keep track of your drinking. Be honest with yourself about what you’re drinking each day, and within a week. 

• Take less cash on a night out. A good way of drinking less is to take less money out with you. And stick to your budget. 

Other tips and tricks

• Eat when you’re drinking. Not only will you feel better drinking with some food on board, but you drink less when you eat. 

• Drink plenty of water before you start drinking. When you’re drinking. And after you’ve finished drinking. Don't use booze to quench your thirst!  Use water instead. Stay hydrated, as the Americans say. 

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