Go Slow - Tips to cut down

When you’re drinking, the best method is to go SLOW.

No one’s saying don’t drink. We’re just saying the SLOW method will help you cut down a bit. 

Here’s how:

Switch – alternate your drinks on a night out. Follow an alcoholic one with a non-alcoholic one.

Low – where possible, go low. That’s lower ABV - a 3.5% beer is better than 5% 11% wines preferable to 14%

is for off days – two days a week, don’t drink. One or two non drinking days per week helps your liver and other organs recover. 

W is for Water. Water is your friend when you’re going SLOW. 

We recommend using the SLOW technique to keep your drinking on the right track.

More tips on SLOW

  • Spacing drinks out by alternating helps you stay in the daily guidelines. 
  • Make a plan before you go out drinking. Work out in advance what drink you like, and how many you can have to stay safe. The guidelines are 2-3 units a day for women, 3-4 for men
  • Try and go for lower volumes - order a bottle of beer rather than a pint. Ask for a small glass of wine over a large one.
  • Drink as much water as possible before drinking, during drinking and after drinking. It’s also a great alternative to alcohol in between drinks - sparkling water or even a  tonic helps you space your drinking out.

 Click here for help on how many units are in a given drink